Episode 17: Warning Signs

Victor Venton is plotting his next move which makes it a bad day for Jacob. He receives a phone call from someone unexpected. Detective Balor has tapped the phone and now has information on a secret meeting.

Forbidden Love…

Its 2008 and America has just learned that the largest banks in the world are about to fail. Tensions are high. They have to go to the American people and tell them the truth. If they don't bail out the largest of banking institutions the country will be bankrupt. A recession or even a depression is imminent. 

The FBI is on the case to investigate who among these banks has committed fraud. They are following the money to its source and in those findings crimes are coming to light.In all this chaos to lovers discover each other. They are part of this banking world. And their affair is a threat to not only themselves but to possibly everyone connected to them. 

To Spoil A Love is a Cabal Ink Podcast written and performed by Jermaine Williams.

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