The 10th Men

Its the year 2099 mankind has made peace with A.I., a long war has brought the society to the brink. A discovery about the A.I. brought the war to an end. They discovered that A.I. prayed to god. With this knowledge mankind combined church and state to build a harmonious existence beginning in the new capital of Titus.

That harmony is threatened by the death of a doctor. The Ministry of Security is brought in on the case to investigate what happened but a priest who works for the ministry begins his own investigation. Which opens up new mysteries that threaten the fabric of the government.


Episode 1: Digital Mindfuck

The aftermath of war has led to a peaceful existence between A.I. and humankind but there are still fissures in this fragile alliance. The emergence of a new development among the A.I. threatens to reignite old conflicts and the death of a doctor brings the whole political situation to a head.


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