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Every story must have a beginning. A place for us to begin our journey together. A place to learn something about someone new in the world's we construct together. Do you take the blue or red pill? We will see. I only ask that you keep an open mind as you continue your travels. If there is darkness in these characters we will find it. If there is redemption and hope within them we will expose it. So we can both learn something.

Story of a Madman_Cover Art.png

Episode 1

Memory loss, confusion, restraint and lost time. These factors play into Michael's current situation. A doctor he is not sure exist, a war he is not sure he is a part of and a group of killers who want to harm him. Will escape be enough for Michael to survive?

The Tenth Men - Cover Art.png

Episode 1

History tells us stories that we are doomed to repeat if we do not learn them. For a bigoted priest the war never stopped It continues on inside him. Joseph commits to using religion as his weapon against technology. Will hatred win over this holy man?


Episode 1

Sometimes love can be destructive. A chance meeting between two mournful souls sparks an exciting tryst between the two strangers. Will Gloria and Jacob be allowed to infect everything around them? Till their love grows as a cancer that threatens to take down one of the largest organizations in the world?