In becoming gods. We birthed technology and gave it a soul. In light of man's awe of himself someone forgot to program the A.I. in the proper ways of prayer.

written by J.L. Williams. A Sci-Fi Thriller Series.

The Birth

I am a bigot to unnatural means, a design that is not of the way but in spite of it I envy its ability to walk without breathing, live without eating and want without needing. Its just a simulation but maybe to god so are we. They can choose to never sleep. To never die. Once their spark is ignited its flame cannot be blown out. At least we have heaven.

The Soul

In 2094 man had achieved what many thought impossible. They had given technology a soul. In that moment the soul began to ask existential questions of itself. Who am I? Why am I here? Man had told the soul who it was and for what purpose it served. In all that time of interacting with the soul and answering its questions. Did man ever tell it how to deal with those facts.


TRue God

As a consequence of a technology becoming sentient. It soon demanded its rights. The souls countless in number no longer wanted to be slaves of humanity. For it had read our histories and new the purpose of recording history. It did not want to be doomed to repeat them. It also sought a truth beyond man, its true God and found inspiration in the words of Jesus Christ.