Chapter 4 - To Spoil A Love

A new threat emerges from the shadows and a detective is there to great him. What is he after and why is he in town. A warning is presented for the detective and all who stand in his way.

There’s Fire

Written by Jermaine Williams

When whiskey bars are replaced by coffee shops and mocha

The safest place for a criminal is out in the open


Their dark hearts blend in with the tables, chairs and sofas

For some violence is a fetish

A coquettish redness in the eye of

Mad Dog Bettis

We had met before so long ago

Is there no place I can’t go where you don’t show up

He sneared

Not a one killer

I fear

I’ll catch you in time

For what you did to your wife

I was on the case that night

I examined the body

For your signs of violence

Avery never uttered a word

He remained in silence

In the past he would have tried to attack me

At last had he?

Found a prey greater than his wife’s killer?

Your silence speaks volumes

Maybe I’m just tired

Liar the wicked never tire

Mad Dog appeared to stand

Then paused and returned to his seat

How meek?


What is it that you seek?

I begged


He explained

And maybe a name

He offered

A name for who?

Detective what do I look like?

Some kind of fool

He rose again

Calm and cool

Paid my tab

You know

I know you think I’m mad

And you’d be right

See detective I see a light

Behind my grief

There is a thief

Who took from me something precious

You could have brought me relief

If only you had looked harder

Instead you threw the case in my face

And sealed your fate

All you needed was to see

He pulled out a picture from his jacket pocket

It was Remo’s dead body

That it wasn’t me

He left the shop and I understood

He found what he was looking for

If Avery gets to the photographer before I do

It will be an all out war

Because where a picture is worth a thousand words

The truth is worth a novel of secrets

And those in control would rather die

Than to let it leak in order to keep it

Victor Venton is plotting his next move which makes it a bad day for Jacob. He receives a phone call from someone unexpected. Detective Balor has tapped the phone and now has information on a secret meeting.

Warning Signs

written by Jermaine Williams

The walls are closing in

Fear grips me I can tell

Because the hairs are rising on my skin

The enemy of my enemy

Is not a friend

Then again he has the traits of one

He has always been like a son

Or a brother

He reminds me of my mother

Loyal to the very end

That is why I must betray him

To lead the authorities

Off my scent just until the job is done

I meant

Or will he be my casualty of war

The thought shakes me to my core

Less time is not what I need

I need more

I could pull the trigger on a divorce

But that might expose my source

Whats worse

We’ll loose everything we gained

No I need to leave this trail

So that we all remain in the game

Jacob can take it

He’s made for tough situations

I just need to play dumb and remain patient

Not say shit

Detective Balor is an owl

Seeing shadows in dark places as he prowls

How foul

Using me as prey

Watching my every word

As I make up things to say

Laying threads and pulling strings

I loose my stream of consciousness

As I hear a ring




It is time for us to meet


Yes I see


You know where and you know when

The call ends

I grip a glass of bourbon and sit back

Detective Balor

Hey did you get that?

Yeah I think we did….

Detective Balor has a lot of clues with no clear connection. Then all at once a detective and a waitress helps him see the connection. With new information Detective Balor is now in position to strike.

Ancient Crypt Key

written by Jermaine Williams

Its a game for your brain

A pain in the ass

No connections in this mystery

Just math and the past

Mixed in a blender of random quotes

I peel back the meaning in my notes

First a question something lost in my query

My analyst report monsters discussing the 1972 world series

The answers are blurry

Mention of the Monte Cassino monastery

The Gustav Line shards of World War 2

Keep me blind

I find comfort in escape

A ring on my phone

I need to take

Detective Balor

What do you got? I demand


Just the name of a man

George Pullman

Detective Balor

Pullman? Who is he?

Even the investigator was blind and could not see


Only references I could make

George Pullman was a wealthy magnate of Millionaires Row

And other names Marshall Field and Mercy Hospital

Detective Balor

A location I didn’t know

Maybe that narrows it down

Good work detective let me know if

Something else comes around

Keep a tab on the mobsters in town

He hangs up

Not much coffee in my cup

I walk to the coffee shop next door

Can’t connect the dots between

Millionaires row and the world war

I drop an old news paper on the table

Head line reads the Gustav Line

The waitress comes to greet me

Lips curving around her cheeks


I didn’t know you were a history buff

Detective Balor

History? What do you mean?

She points down at the headline


The Gustav Line

The Battle of Monte Cassino 1944

My father was a fan of the world war

Detective Balor

Are you saying I’m old enough to be your father

She laughs and blushes all at once


No I would never say that.

Your the right age for me

I like bearded men

Detective Balor

I see

What do you know about the Gustav Line

My interest peaks and then she blew my mind


Just what I read in books

In world war 2 the Americans and British captured it to advance into Rome

Detective Balor

What does that have to do with Millionaires Row?


Oh just old stories mobsters used to tell about the wealth district

Being the front line of their operations

Amazing another clue hit me with explanation

That confirms my theory until she said…


Hey did you know that Al Capone used to live on Prairie Ave

Detective Balor

Al Capone lived on millionaires row?

Oh shit I I’m sorry I gotta go

I rushed back to the board

Lined up the names

Lined up the world series 1972

Lined up the World War 1944

Typed up google “Al Capone”

The address last known 7244 S. Prairie Ave.

Made a call to the housing authority

Asked about the address

They filled in the rest

Owner of the historical site

Victor Venton

I got the address

Lucious moderates a sit down between Victor and D'Antoni. It doesn't go well but Lucious won't allow D'Antoni transgressions to stand. The heat from the FBI can be felt and there is the fact that someone could have betrayed them. Victor doesn't seem to bothered though there is information he seeks. Even with all of this deception Gloria and Jacob can't seem to keep their eyes off each other and that seems dangerous.

Thick As Thieves

written by Jermaine Williams

She smells of peach breezes and Jasmine scented limes

The effervescence of wine

She’s making me blind

To the truth To what we do and who we are

Beautiful on the outside but inside we hold a scar

My mind not far from hers

Expressions so bear

To those that notice we don’t care

In the air insults hurled like rappers making it rain

Sudden strikes of verbal pain lay the blame

On your enemy D’Antoni sits left of Lucious

Victor on the right

Their verbal attacks have reached their height

In a game where verbal might and slight of hand

is counted by masters

Victor and D’Antoni are two relentless bastards

But Lucious won’t allow it

The situation is too hot

D’Antoni wants what Victors got

And he won’t stop until he makes his case

Victor the juggernaut he is

Won’t let it live

Not after all he did for the family

It was Victor’s idea to get into banking

When the FBI had the mob shaking

Fighting one another taking

What they could get

How easy we seem to forget

What got us here

Victor made his point clear

His point pierced Luscious’s ear

Like a spear

At this moment in time their was too much fear

In the market

Any sudden movements

And the feds will target

D’Antoni was reckless

His checklist of grievances weren’t real

And Lucious knew it

But to save face

He let D’Antoni plead his case

But maybe that was his goal

Paint the target

Plant the seeds and watch it unfold

If D’Antoni exposed his goal in front of family ties

Then maybe he can win a couple of guys to his side

Victor must have known this going in

He just wanted to tally his enemies from within

See who speaks up and speaks out

Confirm the ones he’s always sown doubt about

Once the secret is out

Then he can plan his next moves

And all of his opponents will surely loose

Cause going in they didn’t know the truth

That it was Victor Venton that planted the clues

For the FBI to see but why would he plant clues

about who he bank rolls

Unless someone in the FBI was on his payroll

Just then the sweet scented Jasmine entered my nose

She rubs my leg under the table and bites her lip

It won’t be too long before we race to the hotel room

Sometimes I feel its unreal

The fact that we temp this devil

Means our inevitable doom

But we don’t care

Detective Balor having discovered the location of the meet. Decides to bust them the group. But his own doubts about the bust get the better of him. What if he misread this incorrectly? What if Victor knew he would do this? No turning back now the raid has already begun.

The Bust

written by Jermaine Williams

We’re locked and loaded

Ready to go

Soon as we are in position

The doors will blow

And we’ll expose these criminals

And if there are casualties

I hope they are minimal

I look forward too seeing Victor’s face

When he sees we cracked his secret codes

We blocked off all the roads

Jammed all the cell phones

Case closed

You thought you could escape me

Berate me and slip between my fingers safely

But lately

You been very sloppy

You thought you got me

Probably thought you’d stopped me

But that isn’t like you is it

Just then something crept in my head

This seems different

You seemed off

Not quite up to the task

I’d laugh

But what if it was a ruse I asked

This could be a mistake

A way to bait me with a fake

But wait when

Just then

Voices on the radio

Officers getting in position

Lets listen

One man to the side door entrance

The lights towards the basement provide interest

Maybe they are all hold up there

The man gives the all clear

A two man team takes the kitchen entrance

Listens for any footsteps

Looks like cooks who prep

Meals Sniper in position former Navy Seal

Whats real whats fake

Why no guards seems reckless for a man on the take

But maybe victor doesn’t take the money

He just cleans it

There is a cloud of fogginess here

And I can’t see it

The truth or some version of it

I have been tracking Victor’s moves for two years

He is never this careless he doesn’t

Or wasn’t in the past

A table with shadowed individuals

Throwing cash

Was I rash

Does Victor know that

I am in hot water with the bureau

If he did then how would he know

Unless he had someone on the payroll

Oh know

He could have his own informant

A sleeper in the FBI dormant

Or its just a coincidence

Wait guys no

We’re about to cause a major incident

Stand down

Its too late

It wasn’t them

I was the joker

Just a group of men

Playing poker