Chapter 3 - To Spoil A Love

Grief stricken Jacob now deals with the loss of his friend. But what is loss to those who have everything. To the powerful and the rich. Swallowed by darkness some choose death over grief.

Stillborn Cradles

written by Jermaine Williams

What smells of rot and death's wrath

It is the dead and like the dead the body lay strewn amongst the weeds and grass and plants

Foul stenches dug in trenches

Death with a purpose

A soul undone

Words unspoken

A hero unsung

Men in blue uniforms found his mangled torso

Faces twisted at the malice skulls crushed a river of Bordeaux

There's more though A message was sent

A clue draped this corpse

The words Cosa Nostra carved in his back of course

Jacob knew of this man

Beaten and bloodied

Remo Lombardi a friendship now sullied

He searched through the photos

Searching for clues

Thoughts whispered breathlessly

Of what happened and who

His sadness begot anger and anger begot rage

In his mind he lined up each actor All on a stage

And with the strings tied and tethered

They'll dance of the rapture

Unbeknownst to them they had fell prey to a puppet master

Pscychotic laughter turned to smiles upside down

As fear ate his face and turned into frowns

His friend came to him and yet he spoke silence

Soulless was the heart ignorant, defiant

He never gave a second thought

Loading each casing

He figured death was a good enemy so thats who he's facing Heart racing pounding he could smell the stench clawing embracing

Hand on the trigger

Barrel to temple


I never thought it would be this simple


A close call for Jacob. In his grief in his morning for his friend. He forgot what he had right in front of him. Gloria is there to remind him who she is to him.

A Watchful Eye

written by Jermaine Williams


He fell into my arms petrified

So close to nothingness 

So close to eternal blackness For he had almost died

I sighed

I almost lost my knight

Drunken with darkness he almost gave up on light

But there was so much more to unveil

Between us secrets un-sown 

We bemoan the tale

Seated opposite him we exchanged gazes Our minds connected and traveled back to pleasurable places We exchanged faces 

Mazes were lost in us 

Ignorant of impossibilities

Incivilities exchanged for sexual favors

God's fruit came in many flavors 

We realized we're just players

In dangerous games

Fame gripped our last names But our first is tame

We can be who we want to be

Just like the rest of you FREE

Its all you can do when your name causes war

When it spreads across lands like spore

Devouring all and more

We tour Eden romanticizing what we can make true

Bliss is fleeting

So we grab shards of it and hide them too

That’s what I learned on that bridge

Above the brook

Some sins are worth fighting for Some sins are worth seeing when you look Into someones heart....

Adrienne's deceptive game is taking hold. He has lured Gloria to a secluded abandoned warehouse. Enticed with Gloria's secret she is brought to the brink of Adrienne's madness and a new horror reveals itself to her.

A Photo of Deceit

written by Jermaine Williams

A chime at a time Jacob was fragile

I wonder should I leave him alone

Knowing a king has witnessed the ruin of his castle I sink deep into my phone

A number I do not recognize something unknown

Attached is an image

A sin on my heart remained a blemish

My naked body gripping a chairs tusk

Face flushed tears wed my eyes as I rushed

Jacob reached out but all I could do was run

Into the hands of the wilder beast my soul undone

Then I remembered anger

We met like invisible strangers

I spoke to my rage

And prayed she would set this soul ablaze

I loaded her heart with bullets we raised

Vowing to go down in scorns fury

For he who tempt fate his flesh lay low buried

Worried when I reach the door it lies open

Bathed in darkness

I expelled my rage into that black ocean

What came out where two words Come Closer!

The voice of the damned

You demand closure

Its over! Lines have been crossed

My warm heart now wears a blanket of frost

I stepped into the arms of the shadows

And submitted my self to the gallows

Footsteps stretched long

Down a corridor till no one could hear us

Light conquered shadows revealing a circle of mirrors

I shot one, then a second, a third and a fourth

But only new reflections gave birth

In the center of the room lies a mask

I screamed out in fear what do you want I ask

He laughed

What a bastard! He said he wants to play a game

One of complete strangers with no need for a name

Or a face or clothing

He explained that my plight lies in my own self loathing

I thought I was coping

Shivers rose up my arm

What are you doing do you intend to do harm?

He laughed once more

Of course not my angel

I just want to thank you

I stood back in the loneliness of my reflection

My rage fell from my hands

He fired off a warning shot

Witnessing my inferior state

The eyes dilate when you stare directly at fate

I obliged him grabbing the mask

Expunging my clothes

In his throws he held my soul, brash

Committed to my life

Threw his eyes he had predicted my plight

The sounds of passion, a melody and lullaby

I danced solo, naked, smiling behind a mask I cry

Spherical beams of inducement crawled my body

I felt tawdry

As he revealed himself to me

He took my hand and we danced

Left foot right foot

My soot your soot

My toes crushed under the padded shoe

Outside I was red but inside my heart ice blue

He grabbed and groped

Lusted and hoped

Pelvic humping as we moped

About the floor

A trick and his whore

What does Jacob really want me for?

The beams of lust made my head spin And then....

Like that it had ended

The message had been rendered

I was slave to his whims

Into the spider's web I entered

Mentored in the ways of contentment

I held resentment carefully in my palms

For he did not enter my womb

But for fear he one day would

Brought me pause

Its the funeral where foes meet to remember the life that Remo lived. Jacob can't help but come face to face with his enemy Victor. Gloria can't help but come face to face with her shame. Victor can't help but revel in his deception.

Still Things

Written by Jermaine Williams

Its like Remo’s body was colder than I remember

Its like the rain stopped long enough to honor his memory

Its Jacob could see the pain in Glorias face

Ifs like Victor smiled as they lower him to the ground

Its like six feet was a long way down

Its like Victor saw Jacob’s stair

Its like Victor wasn’t there

Its like Jacob cut Victor’s throat with his eyes

Its like at the funeral Remo wasn’t the only thing that died

But all our lies layed bear

Its like Adrienne didn’t care

Its like the photos captured truth

Its like they were all being seduced

Its like Victor let loose

Its like Gloria’s absorbed the slap

Its like the whole cemetery clapped

Its like Jacob chased after her

Its like the Mausoleum found them both

Its like in flesh they made an oath

Its like there clothes escaped them both

Its like hoping against hope

Its like the tightness of a rope

Its like taking dope

Its like they bathed in each other’s sweat

Its like the greatest sex

Its like they oewed each other a debt

And could only pay in pleasure

Its like her flower blossomed as Jacob entered

Its like the walls tightened around his member

Its like anger rage, passion, love mixed in a blender

Its like they didn’t care if they got caught

Its like Adrienne’s camera didn’t catch their sin once agin


Its like they could dance forever

Its like a bond impossible to break or severe

Its like diamonds forever

Eternity and never

Their faces got redder

Their bodies got wetter

They came together

And went their separate ways

Never leaving the sight of Victor’s gaze

His smile darkens

Michael and Avery discuss their next move. They are looking to take down Victor and take over the banking business. Michael presses Avery about his motives only to discover why they call him Maddog Avery.

Where There’s Smoke

written by Jermaine Williams

A coffee shop a bagel a lit cigarette

A vignette two players a gamblers debt

Michael D’Antoni and Mad Dog Avery

Avery thinks this whole plot seems kind of lazy

Even crazy when you get down to it

Foolish rotating his cup of joe

Who is going to believe that the FBI are this good

They would have arrested them all long ago if they could

Michael stood in a storm that was destined to engulf him

Avery didn’t like the thought of ratting Victor out

What was Michael’s motive about

Was it just getting access to the bank for leverage

These thoughts whipped round his mind as he took sips of his beverage

You know they will catch us

Michael tapped the end of his cigar

Placed his hand on the bar

Revealing his deep scars

Mad Dog

Its only a matter of time

Before Victor realizes his bank is mine

But we have a bigger problem

And I’ll need your help to solve’ em

Mad Dog grabs the cigar examines the tip

Blows off the ash I’ll do what you ask

As long as I get what I came for

What makes you think you’ll find him here

Mad Dog pulls a photo from his jacket pocket

Points at a picture of Remo’s dead body

See look there Its a signature

Every photographer has one

He’s someone in Victor’s organization

There are tales of a photographer

A serial killer who tags all his art

The night of my wife’s murder I saw this tag

So that’s where I’ll start


Do you have any idea why they call you Mad Dog Avery?

Its not just cause your crazy

Its because you see every enemy as the man who killed your wife

If you keep this up you’ll ruin your life

Right now your to valuable to me

I need you to hold up your end of the bargain

Michael recovers the cigar from Mad Dog’s hand

Blows off the ash leans in and says

“You understand”

Mad Dog leans back and escapes into the steam coming from the coffee

See there, Michael you lost me. They don’t call me Mad Dog because I can see my enemy

They call me Mad Dog because every obstacle I face

I think of creative ways to maim my victims

As practice for the day

I find the man who murdered my wife

And stole my life

I want to be ready for that day

Take my time slowing his mind

Letting him know to the devil he’s blind

And only when I’m done

Only when I’ve had my fun

Will I shed a tear for Carole

He cocks his gun

And presses the steal of the barrel

Against his temple

Only in death may I rest

Only in death may I receive my last breath

Only in death is the cure to my sick

He squeezes the trigger till it goes


Michael jumps….