Chapter 2 - To Spoil A Love

Remo Lombardi a financial officer and Jacob's best friend uncovers a mystery. Unknown money has been filtering through the organization. The kind of money the feds may be looking for. He alerts Jacob to this issue fearing that they may have a scandal on their hands. But is Jacob in on it too?


written by Jermaine Williams

10 zeros lie in a row. From whence it came I did't want to know.

Toiling over algorithms and failed calculations. Heart racing, mind filled with peril and the aligned zeros implications.

The books were cooked like fresh kill. Not by amateurs but someone with real skill.

And still, a single trail was laid. One that I could see who stole treasures and who got paid.

The truth cut crisp like blades. On surfaces I drank courage, but inside I was afraid.

This kind of money gets people killed. The kind of money concealed by government brokers.

I ask myself is it worth becoming the whistle blower. Is it worth my career being over.

Is the news worth my life. What I built with my wife. My pension my suite and my villa. My time at the top of the pillar.

Hell no! But that won't stop the FBI investigation. When they find this money either someone will be alive in jail or someone is going to die. No two ways about it.

My worries shrouded by darker angels. Who whisper temptations in my ears examining dilemmas from different angels.

Like strangers they spew bad advice. 

They say what about this, what about that, think of your wife.

I'll do more than just that. I got an Ace in the make­up.

His name is Jacob. This is something he can run with.

I'll let him do the shake­up.

Take up the reins and expose secrets held.

I'll sit back as it unravels and watch the backlash swell.

Watch the light wash demons. So people see its the mob.

Yeah I'll sit back and play good cop and claim I'm just doing my job.

I rushed to his door. At half past four. Laying in wake.

Gripping the instruments of war.

I broke it all down to him. The money, miscalculations, the funneling of funds and corruption.

I warned him of the FBI investigation into this bank and all of its monetary functions.

He said nothing. His eyes didn't flinch.

Head never shook, never a confused look. Not even an inch.

The error of my ways revealed them self to me.

Like tortured souls attempting to complete a life unfinished.

My aplomb diminished. With each sentence.

Then suddenly my words halted. Reality struck me down.

Was he the enemy or my friend.

Or the friend of the enemy. Forsaken my betrayal to the end.

He leaned in, his gaze serene.

He said, "Let me take this off hands so hot. You must think of Irene."

I thanked him, my prayers to God that to him he do bless.

Heavy weight floated from my chest. Yes! I can rest easy.

I knew Jacob would follow it to the end.

We've known each other for so many years after all he was my best friend.

As I followed the zeros. Two words shook my emotions. They read, "Cosa Nostra". Sicilian in origin.

I knew what it meant. Men made from money.

Dwell in the shadows. Masters of puppets in the real world. Sounds funny but very true.

I knew I couldn't take that risk. I knew what I had to do.

On K Street we fear bears and trumpet the bulls.

But these made men were no bulls they were wolves.

Wrapped in fine garbs, transported in the finest cars. They own judges who shield them from metal bars.

Made men I know you've heard of them too.

I put Jacob on the path. "Oh my God what did I do?"

They'll kill him.

Knowing is about as dangerous as the unknown. Two wrongs don't make a right. All it took was a call and a location. For Gloria and Jacob to encounter one another again. Even though there is something nagging Jacob.

What Danger Lurks?

written by Jermaine Williams

Playing with fire she was sterling.

I never felt so good. Thoughts like debris eaten by tornadoes, swirling.

Eyes squander the room.

Trying to make sense of it all.

After that day I saw her again at the restaurant. Later on I got a call.

"It's Gloria", she said.

I know I replied. Your married to Mr. Venton.

The small things never get mentioned.

I'm sorry she said. Had I known.

I would have introduced you two right after our carnal sins were sown.

Both Covers blown. We both tempt demons.

My disposition is a reaction not a reason.

Even if I could take it back. The fact is I wouldn't. I'd do it again even though I know I shouldn't.

That's when she said room 428 and don't be late. Time will be limited.

My time was prompt.

I was intrigued, inspired and riveted.

I wore emotionless masks but inside

I was raging with flames. What a strange thing especially for someone who's only familiarity with her was her name.

I entered the room. The smell of steam and lavender filled the air.

A bouquet of flowers. Lavender, its scent intoxicated me, drawing me ever near.

I enter the door and behind the glass. Stood a goddess of flesh perfect sublime.

She reached out in my direction.

Using my neck tie as a leash.

Soaked clothes stripped down my body.

She sacrificed her chastity to a beast.

The steam dissipated the sweat dried the skin.

We invited stillness while lying in the bed.

With all that had happened.

Things Remo was saying began to dance around my head.

Mr. Venton gets a surprise visit after learning some very disturbing news. The FBI is snooping around his bank looking for evidence. But evidence of what? Could they be looking for past crimes?

Truth Be Told

written by Jermaine Williams

I hate audits

Mandatory Witch Hunt

Strangers looking in my shadows

If you donʼt mind my being blunt

There wasnʼt shit we could do to stop it

Once the ball got rolling 

Someone from my company 

Never confronted me 

Researched the math

That put us all on the path 

Of my wrath

I will personally thank our whistle blower

But first I must get this meeting over A call from the secretary Yes I know send him in

Detective Balor Mr. Venton Im with...

Mr. Venton 

Yes I know the FBI 

What do I owe the pleasure of this visit

Detective Balor


Iʼll come right out with it

You are aware of the impending crisis

I take a deep breath  and roll the eyes under my eyelids

Mr. Venton 

Yes I have been made aware

But I donʼt scare so easily  This bank has survived 2 world wars  and the great depression

Detective Balor 

Great then you wont mind us taking a look at your books

Of course with great discretion 

Mr. Venton

Of course 

I will assign my chief financial officer to assist you

I take it this investigation 

In summation 

Will see this bank is a pillar of health

Detective Balor 

I no doubt agree given the enormity of your wealth 

But I have one more favor to ask of you

Mr. Venton 

Detective what else Could there be

Detective Balor 

We need to review 

Safe deposit boxes 205 to 333

Mr. Venton

Excuse me 

Our safe deposit boxes are preying eyes

Our clients are precious 

If you donʼt mind me asking why

Detective Balor 

The why is simple 

These boxes are the subject of an ongoing investigation 

Mr. Venton 

Investigating what

Detective Balor 

That is of course confidential 

Mr. Venton 

Then I see no reason to cooperate with such a request abhorrent 

Detective Balor 

Are you sure you wont reconsider Because I could return with a warrant?

Mr. Venton 

Bring your warrant and Iʼll have your badge 

For some reason detective Balor just laughed 

Detective Balor 

No need for that for now they they are safe 

We can move forward Iʼll concede them

Its funny that you would be so protective 

Unless youʼve seen whats in them

Mr. Venton 

Time for to leave. Mrs. Perry show Mr. Balor ou....

Detective Balor 

No need I can show myself out 

Have a good day Mr. Venton 

Oh! Just in case I forgot to mention 

We will be monitoring all transactions In and out of the building

My face concealing my panic 

Iʼll put everything in transit 

So he canʼt stop it 

Did I mention before I hate audits

The words Remo said dance in Jacob's head. He has to do the research to find out if there is any exposure for him or Victor. Exposing them both could ruin everything they created together. Then again is there something more to this mystery?

A Spider's Web

written by Jermaine Williams

Remembrance impending doom rattled like hurricane warning signs

Fleeing the info drowned me in tsunami tides

They opened my eyes

Resonance were his words

More than mere nouns and action verbs.

The Feds were involved. Secrets they will seek in the vault. Like any great secret once the truth is out. The lies never stop.

Etched in the psychie are two words "Cosa Nostra" Cosa Nostra International was are largest client.

What could be so urgent? Why tempt the eyes of giants?

Then it struck me something Victor had uttered.

Questions of bank. Something was mumbled under baited breath barely muttered.

A family secret? Is it safe did we keep it?

Last week we sought out the vault to acquire his sin.

Inscribed on a single sheet a crest of his kin.

The Italian Emeritae, a seal.

A secret so deep it was worth it to kill.

And did he, when on rages war.

Revealed tales of pain, suffering but none with explanation for.

He attempted to reveal a sacred truth on that day.

As tears washed his face as sins rolled away

With his lips. He was giving me tips to knowledge to those that would die to learn of.

Drunken breath spewing truth of brotherly love.

But I assumed he was mad or really wasted.

He fed me knowledge but I could not taste it.

Wonderment befell me. Why Remo so worried.

To the office I hurried.

Scurried about through the financials

Searching for truth in cryptic answers.

Finally reaching a truth lied within pages.

A story once told but I had not heard for ages.

My grandfather once told me a tale of his days as an agent. How the mob hid fortunes in deposit boxes and how they would take it.

The FBI stripped them naked and downtrodden

These group of men harbored a core so rotten

And callous no certain evil could replicate their malice

The streets flushed red with the blood of the meek

Exploding chariots wasted the land

Smoke from barrels empty shell casings and

The smell of burnt plastic and flesh

Blended as one this world was a mess

They were made men

Made from darkness and wealth

Omerta the code of silencing ones self.

Hundreds of safe deposit boxes sat in our banks

A one and 10 zeros disappeared and left blank

Surprised as I was this news left me perplexed Because Victor Venton signed all the checks

In my name....

Remo's dead body is discovered by Adrienne. As a forensic photographer Adrienne recounts the type of person Remo was. And with a slight feeling of regret for the paths they have chosen. He reflects on the truth.

A Photo of Death

written by Jermaine Williams

To hear of death and its heartbreaking story is one thing To see it is to be it. To experience its never ending tale of sadness and mourning.

Words could never come together to describe it, its un-forming Shape keeps the weak-hearted wake and the strong searching for rules to break.

I make my way with it everyday.

My camera is an eye and the world is a canvas of clay

We sculpt things together focusing and shaping the world

From blurry meanings and misunderstood words

In my lens no one can hide their mortality

To deny us is fallacy a futile attempt to even battle me

I'll crop your dead corpse in a 5 by 5 frame

With no explanation of who you are not even a name

You'll just be another story on the 11 pm news

Strangers will shake their heads. Your loved ones will sing the blues

Victim number some astronomical number

His body ate coldness in the dead of summer

Remo was a tumbler as I like to call them

Some one who stumbles upon luck

And continues to roll the dice

But trust in something so fleeting

Cost him his life

How nice the angels encircle his fallen soul

Waiting for it to rise but his soul has lost control

Unfinished and diminished is its demise

I capture flashes of it in my camera's eyes

I hate being a forensic photographer

I wanted to do weddings

But much like Remo I kept betting

And letting those around me use me up

Now its a day to late a dollar short and little in my cup

So I do jobs for Victor secretly coveting his life

I even lust for his wife. Yeah that’s right

I want to be like him. No I want to be him

Get away with sin and follow it with a grin

Have Godlike invincibility from here to infinity


Its just false hopes of divinity