Why Poetry?

My question is Why Prose?

The simple answer is that I grew up writing poetry. Its been kind of a habit of mine the problem with this is I also grew up storytelling (in my head at least). For many years I didn't understand the connection between poetry and storytelling, let alone music. 

Poetry is fun. I look at poetry as this great puzzle you can solve in addition to discovering who a character, an omniscient author or the author is. I believe the way that poetry is different than prose is that it tells a story through emotion rather than exposition.

Prose is great at plain spoken language. Yes and no!

When storytelling a writer must learn to not tell the reader exactly what is going on. They have to creatively describe through a voice. A perspective if you will. To the reader so that they arrive at the same conclusion about he story. I won't go into how many techniques are out there to talk around the action in a story but they exist. 

Poetry is designed for its readers to feel what the character is feeling about a particular situation. Poetry uses devices such as simile, onomatopoeia, rhythm, meter, etc. To expose the emotions of its character. Which don't always have to animate objects. 

I always loved the playfulness of poetry and the fact that even when you are breaking its rules it can be a valid work because its intent and story lies in the mind of the reader.

My biggest reason for writing poetry is that it is short. In my mind short writing gets at the heart of why I think I can do this. Not every story need be fifty-thousand words. Every story must have the elements that make a story a story (plot, theme, structure and so on) but this isn't about long works of art. 

What I wanted to do was write short so that I could write often on multiple stories at a time and combine this art with music. Which I maybe could have done with prose but it wouldn't be as fun as it is now. 

Make your goals short and fun and you'll never regret your decision to write.