Who am I....

I'm shy, curious, passionate and deep within my own mind. I dream, I laugh and see things that have not come to pass. I live in a fiction-less world but daydream of fictional characters. Characters who don't live mundane lives. Who's situations are fascinating, captivating and compelling.

Unlike this world at times. The real world is a scary place and dangers are everywhere and there are no real heroes or villains in reality. So I make them up at will and place obstacles in their way to see if they can survive. Just like you and me do everyday.

Something else here

As you can tell I like being a storyteller. Hopefully if you've taken the time to find me and this page you do too. It means we have something in common. Something to share with one another. When I originally wrote this about page it was filled with things about accomplishments I've had and my past experiences but then I thought that's not really who I am. Who I am is what I write and that is the contract I make to you. I commit to growing and becoming a better writer amid you commit to grow and become a better reader. I can't promise you that you will like everything I write but I can promise you that the journey will be interesting and that in the end there will be a point to it all.

My name is Jermaine Williams and I welcome you to my vision. Cabal Ink a thriller blog and group of podcast that will provide you a glimpse and a journey into my mind and my world.


Sincerely Jermaine Williams